Upcoming Spring 2018 BCAPA Sponsored Event


A Weekend with Peter Holmes LAc, MH


A big thank you to Peter for a wonderful weekend with us on April 21st and 22nd! We hope to host him again soon.



Photos from the Event



About Peter

Peter Holmes is a medical herbalist, essential oil therapist and practitioner of Chinese medicine with over 30 years’ experience of using botanical remedies and essential oils in clinical practice. He has focused on both the physiological and psychological aspects of using essential oils, and in particular has pioneered the use of essential oils with acupuncture and bodywork. His original training included studies with medical herbalist and pharmacist Henri Verdier in Paris, France; medical herbalist Christopher Hedley in London, England; and Chinese medicine practitioners and experts such as Naburo Muramoto, John and Angela Hicks, Ted Kaptchuk, Elisabeth Rochat and many others.

Peter brings to his courses and seminars many years of study, clinical practice, teaching experience and field research. He is author of several acclaimed textbooks on herbal and essential oil medicine: Aromatica, Clinical Aromatherapy (2 vols.), The Energetics of Western Herbs (2 vols.), Jade Remedies (2 vols.), and The TCM Materia Medica Clinical Reference and Study Guide. Peter lives near San Francisco and divides his time between teaching, writing and practicing.




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