Monday, March 12th, 2018

Become a Director on the BCAPA Board this spring!

The following Board positions will become vacant this April! Please contact Lilliane Graie at if you are interested!

Continuing Education Coordinator Average commitment 200–250hrs per year. Tasks include:

  • Checking the cecoord@ email daily and responding to inquiries/forwarding them to the appropriate Board member;
  • Research and book speakers; finalise their contract agreement(s)
  • Research and book facility; finalise the contract agreement(s); ensure menu details reflect a positive profit for the association
  • Marketing of conference to the membership, as well as outside “like minded” professional associations
  • Source door prizes then collect and bring to CE event
  • Assemble packages for attendee’s
    • Binders
    • Certificates
      • Make sure to have seals for certificates before event
      • Obtain speaker’s notes at least 2 weeks in advance to allow printing time
      • Get the AGM time frame and details before printing
        • Agenda
        • Notebook insert
        • Feedback form
      • Obtain receipts from the Treasurer to put into packages before handing them out
    • Track registrations
      • Contact information
      • Method of payment
      • Special instructions (dietary)
    • Organize CE event assistance to
      • Greet the attendees and hand out packages
      • Soliciting for the 50/50 draw
      • door prize
      • Photo taker for door prize recipient and event
      • A/V technician
    • Obtain a gift for the Speaker
    • Obtain a card for the Speaker to be signed by each attendee

After the event follow up:

  • Send out a Thank you to the attendee’s
  • Send out a Thank you to all the door prize donators, include a picture of the recipient
  • If a recording has been completed-
    • Send it out for editing
    • Once editing is complete, issue the recording contract for the speaker and confirm any payment schedules with the Treasurer
    • Send a copy of the edited version to Website Coordinator and website management company for uploading to site
  • Attendance at monthly meetings which includes a verbal status report on next event progress
  • Relax until the next show!


Website Coordinator – Average commitment 7 hours per month. Tasks include:

  • Attendance at monthly meetings which includes a verbal status report on website
  • Contribute new and update all content on website:
    • Safety
    • Sponsored and non-sponsored education event information
    • Curriculum
    • Calendar of events
    • Membership spotlights
  • Quarterly highlights of a member
  • Process online orders:
    • For inventory
    • Send out links to webinars, proceedings etc.
  • Work with Webmaster on regular basis to ensure backup with website and to facilitate completion of projects between and among the Webmaster and other Board members.
  • Utilize MailChimp to send out bi-weekly announcements etc. and to announce the newsletter.
  • Ensure Webmaster’s invoices are correct then forwarded to the President for approval and then to the Treasurer to be paid.
  • Source copyright permitted, open access, or members’ images with permission, for the website
  • Impromptu meetings with the Webmaster (typically no more than 30 minutes once every couple of months)


Secretary – Average commitment 6 hours per month. Tasks include:

  • Prepping Agenda for and taking the minutes at the monthly Board meetings
    • Prepping draft agenda and submitting to President for review and editing
    • Once received back from President, emailing to Board with previous meetings minutes prior to meeting
    • After taking minutes, typing up and submitting the draft to President
    • Once reviewed and edited by President, forwarding it to Board members with Agenda prior to next meeting
  • Checking the info@ email daily and responding to inquiries/forwarding them to the appropriate Board member;
  • Updating/editing of AGM “paperwork” and emailing it to members:
    • Obtaining Intent to Stands from Board members
      • Updating Intent to Stand documents for Board for current year
      • Emailing Intent to Stand document to Board, reminding if not returned within 3weeks
    • Prepping Board Vacancies document – update/edit
    • Prepping Current Directors’ Bios document – update/edit
    • Prepping draft Agenda, sending to President for review/edits
    • Prepping draft Notice of AGM, sending to President for review/edit
    • Prepping Attendance Signature Sheet – updating
    • Prepping member package – updating/editing any or all of: Blank Proxy, Blank Intent to Stand, Blank Enrollment/Renewal form, Bland CE credits form, and sending to members with any Board member’s Intent to Stand, Board Vacancies document, AGM Agenda, previous year’s AGM Minutes, previous year’s Financials document, and Current Directors’ Bios, and any other document that might be required for that year
  • Taking minutes at AGM, afterwards typing up and sending draft to President for editing/review
  • Filing BC Society Registry paperwork
  • Emailing notices/updates to membership from other Directors as needed
  • Ensuring there is a hard copy of all the above documents in filing and an e-copy on the association’s external hard drive
  • Attendance at monthly meetings which includes a verbal status report


Newsletter Editor – duties include:

  • Checking the editor@ email daily and responding to inquiries or forwarding them to the appropriate Board member
  • Soliciting, reviewing and editing author submissions
  • Maintaining documentation on same pieces and ensuring Author Agreements are up-to-date
  • Granting Continuing Education Credits for pieces used, and maintaining concise documentation on them for regular submission to Membership Coordinator
  • Soliciting potential advertisers
  • Reviewing advertising submissions for type and content
  • Maintaining billing documentation on advertisers for regular submission to Treasurer, and ensuring Advertisers Agreements are up-to-date
  • Ongoing communication with authors and advertisers, as needed
  • Contacting membership for submissions twice per edition
  • Creating themes and layout designs of pieces and ads for 4 editions per year
  • Consistently following up for “next edition” with authors and advertisers
  • Sourcing royalty-free/common license graphics, images, vectors and quotes
  • An excellent command of English spelling, grammar, sentence structure and word flow, a familiarity with various submission formats, and a layout program is strongly suggested
  • Attendance at monthly meetings which includes a verbal status report
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